The Addict Switchblade fork for HIC comnpression system is made of Aluminum 6068 in an onepiece design. It makes the front fork extremely strong, durable and perfect for the demanding rider. The front fork is engraved with Addicts logo.

The compression bolt is a 30 mm long M8 bolt, which is supplied with a washer. The fork has a built-in steel-threaded thread, which ensures a tight and secure compression. You do not need a starnut for the Switchblade fork. Addict Switchblade comes with wheel spacers for both standard 24 mm and Radix 30 mm wide wheels.

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Addict Scootering


Forgaffel design Onepiece
Forgaffel type Integrated
Hjul offset 10 mm
Weight 354 g
Material Aluminium 6068
Forgaffel længde 170 mm
Wheel diameter 100 mm, 110 mm, 115 mm, 120 mm
Wheel hub width 24 mm, 30 mm
Wheel axle Inklusiv
Profile Rund
Compression system HIC
Compressionsystem inkluderet HIC
Framespacer type Spacer for 24 mm og 30 mm wheel
Compression bolt længde 30 mm
Crownrace Built-in
Starnut Built-in

Addict Switchblade HIC fork


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