Diameter 115 mm
Wheel hub width 24 mm
Wheel width 24 mm
Axel diameter 8 mm
Wheel hardness 86A
Core design Spoked
Kerne materiale 6061 aluminium
Wheel profile Round
Bearings Eagle Performance 608 RS
Bearings precision Not specified
Spacer Inklusiv
Weight 262 g
Wheels per pack 1

Eagle Hardline 2 Layer X6 115 mm wheel


The Eagle Hardline 2 Layer wheel series is made with two layers of rubber, a hard layer of rubber inside and and softer layers of rubber outermost. 2 layer technology gives the wheel extra strength, higher speed, better grip and at the top of it a comfortable ride.

Eagle Hardline wheel are availble in three different hardness all above the “standard” 86A hardness. Each Model comes with its own Hardness in Urethane:

  • SNOWBALLS: just ABOVE the “standard” hardness
  • PANTHERS: just above the Snowballs Hardness
  • SEWERCAPS: The HARDEST scooter wheels out there

Eagle wheels are handmade at Eagle's factory in Rotterdam, Holland. The Urethane mix is the usual high Eagle standard developed and refined over many years that Eagle has been on the scooter scene. Be aware that the wheels only fit for forks that can run with 115 mm diameter or larger wheels.

Ride confidence, ride with pride, ride the original, Eagle Supply. AJ Scooters is an authorized Eagle Supply dealer.

See more wheels from Eagle Supply.

Eagle Supply

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