Forgaffel design One-piece
Forgaffel type Uden gevind
Material Aluminium 6061
Weight 309 g
Forgaffel længde 180 mm
Compression system HIC
Compressionsystem inkluderet -
Compression bolt længde -
Wheel diameter 100 mm, 110 mm, 115 mm
Wheel hub width 24 mm, 28 mm
Profile Rund
Hjul offset 10 mm
Wheel axle Inkluderet
Framespacer type Spændeskiver
Starnut Indbygget
Crownrace Indbygget

Eagle Radix HIC fork


The Eagles Radix fork is made for the new 30 mm width Radix wheels, but is also caompatible for wheels with the standard width of 24 mm due to the extra spacers provided with the front fork. The Radix fork fits scooters with HIC compression system. With a 10 mm wheel offset, the front fork gives you directional stability in your riding.

The Wagle fork is a lightweight fork made of aluminum in a one-piece design. It is powder coated and comes with 8 mm wheel bolt. The fork is with built-in crown race. Therefore, do not use crown race when mounting the fork on your scooter.

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