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Optimize your trick scooter with the Ethic Tenacity V2 scooter bar and get the most out of your riding experience! Designed for skilled and experienced riders, this top-quality bar combines strength, style, versatility, and takes your tricks to the next level.

Made from premium 4130 chromoly steel, the Ethic Tenacity V2 offers exceptional durability and strength to withstand the most challenging riding styles. The Tenacity bar features 'Improved butted management,' providing the bar with extra strength while optimizing the weight. 'Improved butted management' means that the thickness of the bar varies along its length, with a thicker wall at the ends and a thinner wall in the middle. The thicker material at the welds provides a 25% stronger bar.

The classic and reliable T-bar design of the Tenabar V2 bar gives you precision and control. The bar is compatible with both HIC and SCS compression systems, giving you the flexibility to customize your scooter setup according to your preferences.

With its sleek design and premium construction, the Ethic Tenacity V2 scooter bar is the perfect upgrade for riders looking to push their limits and take their scooter riding to new heights. Seize the opportunity to experience the ultimate in performance and style – get your Ethic Tenacity V2 today!

Width600 mm / 23,65"
Back sweep
Material4130 chromoly steel
Weight910 g, 950 g, 990 g
Type (outer diameter)Oversized (35 mm)
Inner diameter32 mm
Compression systemHIC, SCS
SCS readyYes
Recommended clamp sizeDouble (HIC), Quad (SCS)

Ethic Tenacity V2 stunt scooter bar


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